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A fashion brand that aspires to be more...

There are two things we love as much as we love fashion:

1. Helping Animals - because of this, a portion of our sales will be donated to *Unleashed Pet Rescue* in Mission, KS to help aid them in finding forever homes for the animals in their care!

2. Advocating for Mental Health - a portion of our sales will be donated to a mental health organization. We also want to create a place that is inspiring and motivating. A place that normalizes conversations about mental health.

New Tote Bags!

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Pet Accessories!

Now your pets can be fancy too! Our first collection of pet accessories, for both dogs & cats, has dropped with the FW21 collection. These are the styles that were seen on the rescue puppies that joined my models on the runways of KCFW.


What Inspires Us...

The Princess has spoken

"I've never been ashamed of my mental illness; it never occured to me. Many people thank me for talking about it, and mothers can tell their kids when they are upset with the diagnosis that Princess Leia is bipolar too."

~Carrie Fisher